Course curriculum

  • 1

    Getting Started

  • 2

    The Children We Serve

    • Removed

    • Developmental Trauma

    • The Children We Serve Quiz

  • 3

    The Solution

    • Why Stable Moments is the Solution

    • The Mentor Sessions

    • The Solution Quiz

  • 4

    Starting a Stable Moments Program

    • Stable Moments at Your Facility

    • Schedule Mapping Worksheet

    • Becoming a Stable Moments Location

    • Implementation Worksheet

    • Starting a Stable Moments Program Quiz

  • 5


    • Mentor Pathway

    • Mentor Orientation Online

    • Onsite Mentor Training

    • Mentor Engagement

    • Mentor Testimonial

    • Mentors Quiz

  • 6

    Intake Assessments

    • Conducting Intake Assessments

    • Intake Assessment Assignment

  • 7

    Plans of Care

    • Developing Plans of Care

    • Plan of Care Workshop

  • 8

    Tracking Progress

    • Life Skills Assessment (Quantitative)

    • Activity Logs (Qualitative)

    • Progress Summaries (Qualitative)

    • Why Evaluation Matters

    • Tracking Progress Quiz

  • 9

    Natural Horsemanship

    • Natural Horsemanship Skills

    • Join Up

    • Yo-Yo Game

    • Join Up Assignment

    • Yo-Yo Assignment

  • 10

    Wrapping Up & Next Steps

    • You Did It!

    • Course Evaluation Survey

    • Schedule Consultation Time

    • Stable Moments Certified Logo


  • What is included in the $950 purchase price?

    Access to this course and certification for the purchaser. 1 year access to the Stable Moments member portal, and eligibility to enter into a license agreement to become a Stable Moments location.

  • Can I share this with my team?

    Each team member needs to register for their own certification course. Additional team members may be eligible for a discount off of their certification course if they belong to the same organziation. Email, for group discount rates.

  • How long will the course take to complete?

    The course has approximately 14 hours of content, including assignments, just like our in person events. Some students blaze through it in a few days, but it is a self-paced course to take as it works for your schedule.